At the ITTC for Joint Biomechanics, all of our team have the opportunity to spend time on the ground at our industry partner Greenslopes Private Hospital and at Dr Ken Cutbush's  clinic at Brisbane private Hospital to better understand the clinical environment in which new technologies are implemented.

Dr Gupta and his team are leading the way in developing and applying modelling and visualisation technologies to pre-operative planning and clinical decision-making. Seeing the hands-on use of 3D models, and HoloLens 2 technology in the operating theatre to get real-time insight into graft and implant placement was eye-opening!

On the 10th of October our operations team consisting of our Centre Manager Ms Maddie McIntyre and Centre Administration Officer, Miss Rosa Armitage visited Dr Ashish Gupta's Greenslopes Private Hospital clinic to observe two shoulder arthroplasty surgeries performed by Dr Ashish Gupta and his surgical fellow Roberto Pareyon.

Similarly on the 8th of November, our students Miss Yuyao (Amy) Ma (PhD, based at the The University of Queensland) and visiting MSc student Mr Andrea Sgarzi (from the Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna) had a wonderful experience in theatre with one of our key clinical leaders Dr. Kenneth Cutbush and surgeon Dr. Freek Hollman at Brisbane Private Hospital.

The Experience highlighted for them what happens in real practice and how the clinical context, challenges, and opportunities can best inform their research going forward. Amy and Andrea highly recommended the observation experience to all those visiting the centre to gain multi-disciplinary insight into multiple arthroscopic procedures and reverse total shoulder replacements.

Sounds like a truly engaging opportunity going beyond computer models to the engaging world of surgery and applied biomedical engineering. As we are drivers of translational research for the orthopaedics industry, we are uniquely situated to offer such developmental activities with aims to expand upon such opportunities in 2023.

Dr Ashish Gupta using the HoloLens 2 VR technology headset to view a patient's humeral head.