Program 3

Optimised Tissue-Engineered Scaffolds

This program will utilise the multiscale computational models and simulation outputs and detailed characterisation and mapping of shoulder joint biomechanics to inform the design, development, optimisation and validation of engineered scaffolds for rotator cuff repair. The integration of underlying biochemical and biomechanical cues associated with de novo tissue generation within the shoulder joint into bespoke designed, biomechanically-matched, engineered scaffolds will significantly improve upon the current empirical process applied to developing tissue scaffolds for interfacial musculoskeletal tissues (such as the rotator cuff). Thiswill further inform how tissue generation in these scaffolds can be enhanced through fit-for-purpose rehabilitation post-surgery to encourage functional tissue repair and improve patient outcomes.

Program 3 Lead

Prof Justin Cooper-White

Head of School of Chemical Engineering UQ Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

Program Participants


Eleonore Bolle

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Eleonore Bolle is a mechanical engineer by education with added expertise in tissue culture. She is currently a postdoctoral researcher in the School of Chemical Engineering at the University of Queensland. Prior to joining the University of Queensland she undertook a Ph.D. in Tissue Engineering at the Queensland University of Technology. Her research interests lie in additive manufacturing techniques, biomaterials, drug delivery and the development of 3-dimensional tissue models. Specifically, her current research focusses on using novel biomaterials and additive manufacturing techniques to restore and maintain tendon function.


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Asawari Parulekar

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“Exploring the role of mechanotransduction in producing inferior surgical outcomes for aged patients with Rotator Cuff Tears (RCTs)”.


Asawari is currently undertaking her PhD with ARCITTC-JB at UQ. She entered the fields of biomechanics & regenerative medicine as a research assistant during her time as an undergraduate Chemical and Biological Engineer. Her current research in interfacial tissue engineering investigates the complexities of attaching mechanically mismatched, soft (tendon) and hard tissues (bone) from a cell biological lens. Her project focuses on understanding the mechanisms by which cells respond to mechanical cues in the context of ageing tissues within the human shoulder.

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Phd Student

Sepideh Shemshad

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Sepideh is currently undertaking her PhD with ARCITTC-JB at UQ. Her project aims to develop a delivery platform for controlled release of biochemical signals for rotator cuff tissue regeneration. Sepideh completed her Master of Science at Iran University of science and Technology in Biomaterial Engineering, where her research was focused on Fabrication and Characterization of Scaffolds for bone tissue engineering.

Moreover, she worked as a Research Assistant at Sabanci University in Turkey, where she focused on fabrication of polymeric nanofibers and nanotubes for sustained and targeted drug delivery.

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PhD Student

Stephanie Belen Michelena Tupiza

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Development of multicomponent, multimodal scaffolds for enhanced rotator cuff repair


Stephanie joins the centre in support of Program 3: Engineered Tissue Scaffolds. After previously completing her masters at the University of Queensland (UQ), she returns to pursue her passion in bioengineering and anatomy.

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