Our Research impact

Our research enables surgeons to make better decisions about personalised surgical and rehabilitation treatment plans, improving functional outcomes for patients.

Knowledge & Understanding

The centre’s research improves our fundamental knowledge of the function of the upper limb and shoulder joint in healthy, diseased and post-surgery patients.

Surgical Planning & Techniques

Our research develops new techniques for the design, selection and performance assessments of different implants and procedures for each individual patient.

Advanced Technologies

We explore the application of ultrasound, robotic, wearable and virtual reality technologies for the precise execution of surgical treatment and rehabilitation plans. We contribute to improved optimisation of surgical devices for rotator repair and shoulder joint reconstruction.

CET Leader

Professor Kirsten Heimann

Flinders University

Connect, Educate & train (CET)

Intellectual Property and Commercialisation

The MB-CRC’s prime objective is to provide a cooperative platform to accelerate the translation of marine bioproduct discoveries and create an energetic and expansive bio-economy industry in Australia, through adoption of the MB-CRC’s IP, processes and candidate products.