About UsARC ITTC for Joint Biomechanics

The ARC Training Centre for Joint Biomechanics brings together leading researchers, end-users and industry partners to train a highly-skilled multidisciplinary workforce, capable of creating and applying novel, clinically relevant biomechanical modelling, and simulation platforms, to actively transform the orthopaedic industry. We tackle clinical- and industry-focused challenges in joint biomechanics with the goal to drive surgical practice towards superior personalised patient care. Our vision is to become a leading global joint biomechanical research facility focusing on human shoulder mechanobiology.

The Centre will provide scientific advancements required to transform the personalised surgical treatment of joints through integrated technology platforms. The expertise of our team spread over three leading Australian universities, and numerous international university and industry partners will be harnessed to develop technologies such as software tools for pre-surgical planning and decision making, computer simulation systems, robotic systems for surgical training and simulation, medical device assessment and surgical assistants, and personalised post-surgical assessment tools. The outcomes of the centre will significantly contribute to improved health outcomes, associated economic benefits, and a skilled workforce equipped to continue advancing the field of joint biomechanics.

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