Yesterday our PhD students, Postdocs, and program leads visited the newly opened Stryker R&D Lab at the Herston Health Precinct.

Stryker is one of a valued industry partners, with the new R&D lab a unique facility for Stryker globally being located at the 'point of care' on the Metro North campus. The lab is a collaboration between The Queensland University of Technology (QUT), The University of Queensland (UQ), Metro North Hospital and Health Service, Queensland Health and Stryker.

The R&D  lab will focus on 4 areas of research: Digital Health (managed by Mark Luhovy, MD), Enabling technologies (managed by Jenna Lyon, Robotics (managed by Tom Williamson), and Additive Manufacturing (managed by Conor Kelleher). After a warm and informative welcome from each research manager, our program leads presented their projects and discussed further research pathways with the Stryker team.

Stryker collaborates with the ARC Training Centre for Joint Biomechanics across a range of projects, namely our computer modelling used as the basis for surgical planning software, tools for guidance and navigation in orthopaedic surgery, and virtual reality tools. As the mission of ARC Training Centre for Joint Biomechanics is to transform and translate biomechanical education using multisector collaboration and industry partnerships to empower future scientists, the R & D lab is an extraordinary partnership that will drive new developments in device technology. With the first of many visits completed, the centre is looking to promote further PhD student placements and visits to ensure our work remains deeply embedded and at the forefront of emerging advancements in biotechnologies.

Attending members of the centre (Prof. Peter Pivonka (QUT), Prof. Graham Kerr (QUT) Ms Maddie McIntyre (ITTC-JB Centre Manager), Prof. Justin Cooper-White (UQ), Mr Xiaolong Fan (QUT), Mr Max Lavaill (QUT), Mr Arun Jolly (QUT), Mr Ahmed Sewify (QUT), Dr Eleonore Bolle (UQ), Miss Asawari Parulekar (UQ), Miss Sepideh Shemshad (UQ), Dr Wolbert van den Hoorn (UQ), Miss Natali Uribe (UQ), and Dr Nicholas Green (Herston Biofabrication Institute - HBI)), expressed their eagerness to continue close working ties and the possibilities for future industry driven projects.

With the centre at the half-way point of its' lifetime, further research developments will be announced with the lab, with several Stryker members remaining core to driving the direction of the centre with Ms Jenna Lyon (Enabling technologies manger) the newest addition to the Industry Advisory Committee (IAC).