Congratulations to our centre PhD student Mr. Maxence Lavaill who presented their work entitled “Simulation of the Latarjet procedure for muscular assessment of shoulder stability” at the 47th congress of the “Société de Biomécanique,” the French-speaking society of biomechanics.

Jointly organized by the Society of Biomechanics, the and the Tunisian Association for the Promotion of Applied Research, the 47th congress of the Society of Biomechanics took place from October 26 to 28, 2022 in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine, University of Monastir – Tunisia.

The congress will take place at the Hotel Iberostar Selection Kuriat Palace Monastir -Tunisia with tis year’s proceedings focusing largely on the themes of ‘ Biomechanics of musculoskeletal disorders’ and ‘ Biomechanics and Artificial Intelligence.’

Max is a PhD student supervised by Prof. Peter Pivonka as part of the centre’s Program 1: In silico upper extremity modelling and simulation. His research is dedicated to investigating on patient-specific features of shoulder using MSK modelling. His expertise is in the analysis of soft tissues actions implied in shoulder stability and motion. Computational modelling as well as human kinematics and EMG recordings are the key tools he works with. His project focuses on studying the influence of patient-specific modelling features on the joint simulations.

Well done on another excellent presentation of your intriguing PhD research on the world stage!