The centre is proud to announce that centre post-doctoral fellow Dr Laith Alzubaidi has been awarded a REDI Fellowship under MTPConnect’s REDI (Researcher Exchange & Development in Industry) Program.

Laith will spend 8 months working with Brisbane-based med-tech company Akunah to help surgeons decide on the best treatment plan for a patient using his expertise in machine and deep learning. Laith will then return to complete his post-doc position with the Centre, brining newly acquired skills and knowledge in industry-based research and development.

Dr. Alzubaidi with Adj. Prof and Dr Ashish Gupta, orthopaedic shoulder sub-specialist from Akunah

Akunah is committed to same vision of personalised patient care through improved use of developing Technologies and provides complex and revision surgical case planning to provide better outcomes pre, post and intraoperatively.

The Redi Fellowship program is strongly aligned with our Training Centre & the ARC Industrial Transformation Research Program – aiming to connect researchers, clinicians, and sector professionals with industry to drive greater collaboration between industry and research and enable growth of Australia’s medical products sector.

From the ARC Training Centre for Joint Biomechanics congratulations to our Post-doc Dr Laith Alzubaidi and Dr Edmund Pickering from the Centre for Biomedical Technologies (CBT) and affiliate centre researcher who will undertake his fellowship with Stryker R&D Lab in Brisbane.

We thank MTPConnect, one of our key government partners for recognizing their substantial research contributions to the fields of deep learning and biomedical engineering.