The Annual IAB industry advisory board meet to drive innovation at the centre

On the 24th of August, a milestone was achieved as we gathered in person for the inaugural Industry Advisory Board (IAB) meeting, marking a significant stride forward for the collaboration between the Centre and our esteemed Industry Advisory Board Members. 
The Industry Advisory Board, a distinguished group of independent experts, was established to provide invaluable insights, recommendations, and direction to the Centre’s Executive Committee. This is important because there is a commutation between the centre and industry to ensure that centre activities reach the goals set by reviewing research priorities, partnerships, skill and education development, and strategic growth for the centre.  

Comprising accomplished individuals from the realms of orthopaedics, biomedical, engineering medical technologies, the board’s membership is a testament to their unparalleled expertise and ability to guide the Centre’s  

The discussion spanned a range of critical topics, including Training and employability of Centre Members, Centre Culture and cohesiveness, Diversity of Stakeholder Engagement and interactions Performance Measures, and Future Outlook.  
The Board’s deliberations generated recommendations that hold the potential to fuel our Centre’s evolution with a focus on the last 2 years of the centre, and how to increase visibility, clinical impact and industry collaboration going forward. 
It is with great honour that we acknowledge our exceptional Industry Advisory Board Members, including Prof. David Sonnabend, Dr. Dimity Dornan AO, and Mr. Peter Cooke, who are integral to steering our Centre towards excellence. Their collective wisdom, combined with Prof. Karen Reynolds’ visionary leadership, sets the stage for our Centre’s promising future. We also thank Mr Michael McArdle, the Queensland University of Technology Executive Director for welcoming the Committee and highlighting our commitment to industry engagement and partnerships for innovative, real-world outcomes. 
Following the meeting, Prof. Karen Reynolds shared her insights as Director of the Medical Device Partnering Program based at Flinders University and highlighted many success stories. The MDPP supports the development of novel medical devices and assistive technologies and accepts proposals at any stage of development if there is technical and commercial merit, offering project development support and connectivity to key stakeholders across all aspects of the commercialisation process. 
We thank our Industry Advisory Board Members for their unwavering commitment to advancing medical technologies, fostering innovation, and shaping the future of healthcare and the orthopaedic industry in collaboration with the centre.