On the 27th of April, we held our Executive Committee Strategic Planning Day. We were very fortunate to have held the day face to face, and to have one of our Program Leads, Prof Lynne Bilston finally be able to visit us from UNSW NeuRA (Neuroscience Research Australia)

Thank you to our Centre Manager, Maddie McIntyre McIntyre, who led the workshop sessions. We spent the day revisiting our Centre values and purpose; reviewing our strategic priorities; and planning the activities and initiatives to focus on for 2022.

One of the takeaways of the day was true commitment and need for collaboration from everyone. Our collaborative and innovative culture will allow us to significantly contribute to improved health outcomes, associated economic benefits, and train a highly skilled workforce equipped to continue advancing the field of joint biomechanics.

Thank you to everyone who took part (Adj. Prof. Ashish Gupta, Prof. Yuantong Gu, Dr Kenneth Cutbush, Prof. Graham Kerr, Prof. Justin Cooper-White, A/Prof.  Saulo Martelli, Dr Wolbert van den Hoorn, Mr Michael McArdle, Miss Sophia Power, and Prof. Peter Pivonka) we appreciated your time and contributions.