Thank-you to everyone at the  Australian New Zealand Society of Biomechanics (ANZSB) and everyone involved in the organisation of the 13th Australasian Biomechanics Conference (ABC13).

The 13th Australasian Biomechanics Conference (ABC13) was held in Brisbane and what a fantastic opportunity it was for the team to come together with their biomechanical colleagues and showcase their research highlights from the last 12 months. 

With three full exciting days of lectures, workshops and innovation from Nov 27th to Nov 29th, we wish to congratulate the team on the following achievements: 



Mr. xiaolong fan addressed the complication rates from mechanical implant failure of the humeral component in reverse total shoulder arthroplasty by presenting a novel time-elapsed microstructural imaging protocol for observing the volumetric deformation of a humerus implanted with a common shoulder reverse implant in his talk ‘Time-elapsed microstructural imaging of failure of a reverse shoulder implant.’

Mr. Maxence Lavaill then provided a professional presentation on the #Latarjet procedure (a surgical technique used to stabilise the #glenohumeral joint (GHJ) after recurrent anterior dislocations due to anterior genoid bone defect, and his project to quantify the change in muscle forces and joints following surgery using computational musculoskeletal (MSK) models. His talk was entitled ‘ Muscle coordination after Latarjet increases joint stability: A musculoskeletal study.’ 

Spine Biomechanics:

Our affiliate PhD student, Miss Natalia Mühl Castoldi, presented her work on spinal bulk growth models in the framework of generalized continuum mechanics to better understand the mechanisms linked to spinal growth.

Shape Modelling in Biomechanics

Centre post-doc Dr. Dermot O’Rourke detailed his research into knee bone geometries passive tibiofemoral motion variation using partial least square regression (PLSR). 

#Clinical Biomechanics and Imaging:

Miss Yilan (Olivia) Zhang, Prof. Lynne Bilston, Prof. Robert Herbert & Dr. Bart Bolsterlee ‘ Three dimensional architecture of human rotator cuff muscles in vivo.’ 

Prof. Lynne Bilston & Dr. Bart Bolsterlee ‘in vivo compressive shear properties of adipose tissue (fat).’

Conference Posters

Affiliate PhD student Mr. Corey Miller ‘A multiscale, mechanobiological model of cortical bone adaption due to Pth and mechanical loading.’ 

Dr. Wolbert van den Hoorn & Prof. Graham Kerr ‘Mapping magnetic field disturbances in motion capture labs.’ 

Affiliate PhD student Miss Laura Maszaros ‘Differences in load-sharing using a generic and subject specific neuro-musculoskeletal model of the spine.’ 

With culmination in the final dinner held at Felons Brewery, the team had a wonderful time connecting over all things biomechanical!

A huge thank-you to the major sponsor Logemas and to Materialise for their fantastic workshop ‘MIS Workshop- Beginners Session.’ 

We look forward to attending ABC14 in 2023!