Balmoral Students Explore Biomechanics at QUT


Two students from Balmoral State High School had the exciting opportunity to attend a biomechanics program at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). They learned about human movement, joint mechanics, and used advanced technology for motion analysis and 3D modelling.

Interacting with PhD researchers, they gained valuable career insights and practical skills. This experience also gave them a taste of university life and inspired their future aspirations in biomechanics and medical research.

On their first day, students were able to meet with PhD students Natali and Natalia who introduced them to their fascinating projects focused on the femur bone. Natali and Natalia helped the students acknowledge the critical factors that affect bone density, emphasizing the importance of maintaining healthy bones through healthy diet and exercise. They discussed diseases like osteoporosis, a condition that weakens bones, making them fragile and more prone to fractures. The students learned that osteoporosis could have a significant impact, particularly on post-menopausal women. This is due to hormonal imbalances that occur after menopause, which can accelerate bone density loss.

A highlight was meeting Dr Laith Alzubaidi and postgraduate student Veronica. The students have shared their fascination with AI’s role in healthcare and discovered EMVision, a portable, safe device that produces high-quality images of biological tissue, offering revolutionary insights for clinicians. Throughout the interaction, the students were introduced to AI, gaining insights into its basics and potential applications in everyday life and technology. They also explored various AI tools available online, discovering how these tools can assist with coding and other tech projects.

Another thrilling part of their visit was exploring Kevin Grove’s Gait Lab. Here, they gained fascinating insights into how kinetics and kinematics work together. With guidance from PhD students, they experimented with motion detectors and sensors to track biceps and triceps muscle contractions. They explored activities like running, jumping, and boxing techniques, gaining valuable insights into how these muscles collaborate to maintain stability.

The students have shared one of the experiences they had during their time at QUT:

“During our time at QUT, we learned that 3D modelling for the skeletal structure is crucial for understanding and scaling up our knowledge of human body functions. From PhD student Max, we learned an extensive amount about 3D modelling and scaling, including how to polish the 3D models of skeletal structures on different types of bones. As for PhD student Amine, he taught us about X-rays, CT scans, and Microcomputed tomography (micro CT scans), providing a variety of information on these technologies.”

Adding to the amazing experiences, the students had the opportunity to meet with PhD student Corrina, who provided insights into bone remodelling and data analysis. They also got to chat with Hamid, another PhD student, who shared his wealth of knowledge on the crucial role of wear and implant placement in surgeries. Using Finite Element Method (FEM) software testing, Hamid illustrated the details and importance of this technology in ensuring successful surgical outcomes.

Their time at QUT was transformative, sparking a passion for learning and innovation.