From the 10th to 14th July 2022, our team attended the 9th World Congress of Biomechanics in Taipei, Taiwan. From the first World Congress of Biomechanics held at La Jolla, California, the USA in 1990 the World Congress of Biomechanics has become the most prestigious forum for the exchange of new ideas, technologies, and novel findings in a broad spectrum of scales ranging from the molecular, cellular, tissue, and organ levels to the system-wide, as well as in basic research and clinical applications.

Leading our representation at the conference was Program 3 lead Prof Justin Cooper-White who delivered a plenary talk on ‘Mechano-intervention: Elucidating drives of stem cell date for enhanced and targeted tissue rejuvenation.’ Program 3 focuses on developing optimised Tissue-Engineered Scaffolds. This research program utilises multiscale computational models and simulation outputs along with detailed characterisation and mapping of shoulder joint biomechanics to inform the design, development, optimisation, and validation of engineered scaffolds for rotator cuff repair.

📣 Prof Lynne Bilston, Prof Syn Schmitt, Prof Paul Hodges also provided lectures with Dr Bart Bolsterlee, Prof Peter Pivonka, and Prof Lynne Bilston further acting as session moderators.

⭐ Congratulations to the Joint Biomechanics team with Mr Marco Branni, Miss Yilan (Olivia) Zhang, Ms Marine Launay, Dr Brandon Ziegenfuss, Adj. Prof. Ashish Gupta, Mr Corey Miller, Dr Bart Bolsterlee, Prof Peter Pivonka, and A/Prof Saulo Martelli in attendance to promote their research.