Today Centre Director Prof Yuantong Gu, Deputy Director Prof Peter Pivonka, Program lead A/Prof Saulo Martelli, CAO Rosalee Armitage and the team had the opportunity to revisit the Stryker R&D lab and tour the Herston Biofabrication Institute at the Metro North Health precinct.

Thank-you to Enabling Technology Manager Jenna Lyon, Robotics manager Tom Williamson, Digital Health Manager Mark Luhovy, MD and Research and Development Manager Julia Hocking for welcoming the team.

As one of our key collaborators, Stryker has several overlapping research areas in medical imaging diagnosis, modelling for pre and perioperative planning, and robotic-assisted surgery with the centre. As our collaboration grows, we are interested to see how we can lend our local expertise to the innovative, start-up-like culture at Stryker and to branch out to other clinically informed projects in #advancedmanufacturing and #digitalhealth.


Next we were welcomed to the Herston Biofabrication Institute to visit General Manager Mathilde Desselle, affiliate researchers Nicholas Green and Dr Deniz U. Erbulut who co-supervise several centre PhD students and whom are currently collaborating on an inlay/onlay project as driven by our clinical lead Adj. Prof Ashish Gupta. HBI are well known for their medical implant development and the team were fascinated to see their delivery of personalised #patientcare in the form of 3D printed implants used for a variety of medical conditions from renal, cardiology and #orthopaedics.

As an Australian Research Council Training Centre, we highly value clinically lead projects and student placement training opportunities as we tackle real-world problems. The students gained insights into what it takes to collaborate with clinical leads onsite and about employment practices for their future success.

Thank-you everyone who came along, looking forward to exciting projects in 2023!

PhD and PD team: François Bruyer-MontéléoneAhmed SewifyNatali UribeSepideh ShemshadAsawari P.Yuyao (Amy) MaMorgan Windsor, Dr Dermot O’Rourkexiaolong fanHamid Reza JarrahAlexander Lee-Medland, & Andrea Sgarzi