Last week the QUT Centre for Biomedical Technology hosted its inaugural conference.  

Centre Director, Prof YuanTong Gu was joined by Deputy Director, Peter Pivonka, Program Lead Associate Professor Saulo Martelli and PhD student Max Lavaill to present the Centre’s work.  

The Centre for Biomedical Technologies aims to deliver better health in our lifetime, by improving how we treat complex medical cases stemming from injuries, infection, and age-related issues.  

Although the conference was focused on advancements and research in biomedical technologies Prof Gu was given the opportunity to give an overview of the Centre’s goals, objectives, and achievements to date. Professor Pivonka introduced the research programs, projects, and scientific progress. Associate Professor Martelli gave a talk on the damage tolerance and toughness of elderly human femora and Max Lavaill presented on his project titled: Statistical simulation of shoulder kinematics: A Monte-Carlo approach.  

Poster presentations from our Centre Network were also featured including: 

  •  A Biomechanical Analysis of Latarjet Coracoid Fixation Constructs – Brandon Ziegenfuss 
  • Modelling Bone Adaptation in Mice Using Beam Theory – Corey Miller 
  • Statistical Shape Model Reconstruction and Analysis in Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty – Nicholas Green 

The conference featured some excellent keynote speakers from industry, including Prof. Mark Kendall – Founder of WearOptimo, and Dr Robyn Stokes, CEO of Bionics Queensland, who generously shared their insights on innovation and impact.